May of 2014 Carol moved her private practice to the Broadway Medical Clinic. Here she has found a new home with more resources and support to serve her clients with accessibility and efficiency as well as a team approach.

As a psychiatric nurse practitioner I am prepared to do both psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy. My training and experience have prepared me to  provide psychiatric evaluations and on going care for adolescents and adults.

About half of my clients come to me for their psychiatric medication management.  Either they have another therapist or they are stable on their medications and are no longer in therapy. I work with them to understand how medications can benefit them and try to find the least possible amount of medication to meet their needs.

The other half of my clients come to me for therapy or therapy and medications. Many are working on the management of life stressors.   Some have found that a change in their life has brought on a cascade of new demands that they aren’t up to speed on.  Psychotherapy at these critical junctures in life can lead to better self care and more successful decision making. Some of my clients have on-going medical conditions such as Depression, Postpartum, PeriMenopausal AdjustmentAttention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety or Bipolar Depression. They are learning to best live their lives with these challenges.